Get until 8 litres of Spanish orange juice with this concentrate. Soft or tangy? Make it your way!

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Dilute one part 1+W in five parts of water and enjoy it!

Think of Spain and you’ll think of hills covered with orange groves and bathed by the Mediterranean sunlight. We squeeze Spain’s favourite fruit for you to enjoy your own way. Best enjoyed on your breakfast or as a healthy and refreshing snack.

Brought by the Arabs in the XI century, oranges and lemons have been the favourite fruit and remedy of the Mediterranean people. Rich in Vitamin C, offers protection against cold and shortens the recovery process. Students are recommended to add orange in their diets to enhance their focusing capacities and get better results. Oranges are also a source of magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, therefore are celebrated for their positive effect on weight-loss diets.

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