Big fruit concentrated in a small package. You won’t get fresher than this!

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Dilute one part 1+W in four parts of water and enjoy it!

Watermelon is native fruit from Africa, where its properties have been celebrated for 5000 years. Mark Twain said “watermelon is what angels eat”. It is always a good time to have this fresh fruit, wether as a juice or to add a chilly twist to your cocktails.

Its flavour is pleasant and sweet and offers a wide range of benefits. Recent studies have proved this fruit is perfect to give a kick while in fatigue or weaknesses or to recover after intense physical exercise. Watermelon is adequate to lose weight and its L-Citruline enhances blood circulation thus is recommended for erectile dysfunctions. Potassium, magnesium and fibre will result in a better digestion process and assimilation of nutrients.

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