A delicious tropical favourite rich in fibre and sweetness in your glass.

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Dilute one part 1+W in five parts of water and enjoy it!

Coming from South America, pineapple is the symbol of  tropical colours and freshness. Wether you have it as your choice of daily juice to stay on shape or mix it with rum and coconut in a cocktail, you can’t go wrong with One plus Water Pineapple.

This tropical symbol is consumed all over the world and used by the most reputed barmen. We handpick our pineapples in its optimum maturity time, when the fruit exhales a sweet breeze. That is the exact time when all its benefits are ready for you. An excellent allied to those who want to loose weight for its purifying and fat-burning properties. Also find vitamins A, B and C that will offer antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

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